Professional Sites

KristianKirk is a full service design consulting agency that operates out of Brooklyn. While working here, one of my first tasks was to develop a website to showcase client work and advertise our services.

Additionally, I was tasked with creating the branding assets including static logos, motion graphics, brand identity, and type. After settling on a circular theme for the brand, I built this desktop site alongside a more 2D mobile site. Both versions make use of bold type and motion. Check it out here.

The Urban Individualist

The Urban Individualist is an artist management company, online publication, and event production company. I was asked to come on board to build them a clean site that could be used to advertise services and host their publication.

To make this website a reality, I build a custom WordPress theme for TheUI. It features a light and dark mode, balanced typography, and fast load times.

Besides the coding aspect, I was also asked to create a brief intro video that users will see upon first arriving to the site. Using After Effects, I created a short clip that lives on the site that features their logotype and a city graphic.

Personal Sites

Paint Anon

Paint Anon is an anonymous social media site based around a digital canvas. Without logging in, users can "paint" pictures and upload them to a public board. Logged in users have the ability to like and comment on posts.

I created this site as a final project for the Web Programming capstone course at the University of Pittsburgh. It will remain online for the next 2 years.

My Old Website

As a personal challenge, I tend to remake my personal site a few times a year. This custom, 2-column setup was used for a good portion of 2018 into 2019. Each section can scroll independently, allowing for more content per page.

I created a small custom content management system for this site using PHP and SQL. It works well, but it was time for a change...