Welcome to Sauce Design Studio. We are a multidisciplinary team of creatives from Pittsburgh and beyond. We care about the future and the past. We want to make things that look nice, behave kindly, and taste great. We want to win.


We believe that the best graphics don't exist yet. They are in an imaginary place in the mind of a child who has yet to be born.

Below are some things that we made for others.

We designed a logo for Tusk, a marketing agency that specializes in video production. Inspired by nature's relentless power and beauty, we incorporated the silhouette of an African elephant tusk.


We can't read at all, but we like the shapes of letters. Here are some samples.

Please note: these fonts are under construction, but they are still free to download and use forever.

not in the slightest


We code as well. Some of it is open source, which can be viewed on our Github page.

Areas of expertise:

  1. Web
  2. Desktop
  3. Mobile
  4. Physical


Here are things that we care about and things that inspire us. This is here to give you an impression of what we are about at Sauce. This list will change over time, just as our appearances change over the course of a lifetime.

  1. Dissolving the ego
  2. Helping others
  3. Lists
  4. User experience
  5. Our friends and family
  6. Really wide fonts
  7. Aphex Twin
  8. The raw beauty of the human experience
  9. Fear of death
  10. Typewolf.com


These are things that we made just for ourselves and each other.

We challenge ourselves to make things that are sometimes:

  1. Funny
  2. Gross
  3. Agressive
  4. Mysterious
  5. New
  6. Bold
  7. Forgettable
  8. Memorable
  9. Morally wrong
  10. Powerful

Are you happy with yourself and the people you surround yourself with?

Contact us on instagram and infowars.com

Home is where the is.